Omega 3

Understanding Omega 3 and Its Benefits

Omega 3Understanding Omega 3 and Its Benefits 

Everyone has probably heard of Omega 3.  Well, you probably have heard about it.  You’ve probably have heard how this is extremely beneficial to your health and well-being.  But what is Omega 3? 

Omega 3 – The Introduction 

Omega 3 is essentially a form of fatty acid that basically helps in maintaining healthy heart and blood vessels.  This has been greatly recommended as a way to reduce the risks of heart diseases, hypertension and stroke. 

Omega 3 is a compound that the body cannot extract or produce from other food nutrients.  Thus, it is called fatty acid.  This is found in three forms:

1.         Alpha-Linolenic Acid.

2.         Eicoso Pentaenoic Acid.

3.         Docosa Hexaeonic Acid. 

These three forms of Omega 3 are found in various food sources like leafy vegetables, hemp and flax seeds, vegetable oils, tuna, cod, and fresh seaweeds.  When you consume foods containing Omega 3, you have more chances of preventing diseases like cancer and hypertension. 

There are a lot of benefits to regular intake of Omega 3 rich foods.  Two of these benefits include:

1.         Weight loss.

2.         Treatment of Depression. 

Omega 3 and Weight Loss 

The tie and effect of Omega 3 to your body weight is rooted on the composition of Omega 3.  It is believed that the EPA found in Omega 3 increases the body’s metabolism which allows the body to burn fats fast.  Also, you would feel satiated that you won’t have hunger pangs. 

Omega 3 and Depression Treatment 

If there is one thing that Omega 3 has always been associated with, it’s depression.  Physicians have been encouraging people suffering from depression to have a regular intake of foods rich in Omega 3 to help in the treatment of their depression.  In fact, there are people with emotional disorders who have resorted to intake of food rich in Omega 3 as an alternative treatment for their disorders. It is a fact that one of the primary disorders affecting Americans is depression.  There are an increasing number of depression cases being reported.  Omega 3 is believed to be a good trigger for the release of serotonin, the hormone that controls people’s emotions; thus, treating depression. 

Omega 3 and Other Benefits 

There are other benefits to regular omega 3 intake. 

This includes:

1.         Lowers the risk of hypertension and heart ailments.

2.         Inhibits growth of cancerous cells

3.         Treatment for arthritis and inflammations.

4.         Maintain the body’s sugar levels.