The Wonders of Chocolates to Your Health

ChocolateThe Wonders of Chocolates to Your Health 

Who doesn’t love a hot fudge sundae or a chocolate cake?  Everyone loves chocolates.  If you’re one of those people who have sweet tooth, you probably love chocolates.  People must have commented negatively on your constant craving for chocolates, especially because you do not just crave them, but you also constantly give in to your craving.  You love chocolates so much that you worry about its bad effects to your health. 

But have you ever thought of the benefits you derive from eating chocolates? 

Health Benefits of Chocolates 

If you are wondering if you are getting any benefit from eating your favorite food, you would be pleased to know that there are advantages to eating chocolates.  Of course, eating too much chocolate is indeed bad for your health in the long run, but giving in to your craving sometimes is a good thing as well. 

You’d hear warnings about how bad chocolates are for you, and it is not too often that you’d hear anything good about eating chocolates. 

So are there any benefits?  Definitely, there is.  In fact, do you know that the mere smell of chocolates increases brain waves which results to a feeling of complete relaxation?  But it is to be stressed that there are only some kinds of chocolates that are indeed beneficial to your health.  There are good chocolates and there are bad. 

Cacao, for example, has antibacterial agents that ironically prevent tooth decay.  Cocoa butter which is an ingredient of some chocolates increases good cholesterol. 

Have you noticed that you seem to crave chocolates more when you’re depressed or sad, and when you give in to that craving, you seem to feel much better?  That is because chocolates are also mood elevators. 

On the other hand, dark chocolates are widely recognized as something good for the heart.  These assist in keeping the elasticity of blood vessels and increases blood antioxidants. 

Other Health Facts about Chocolates 

Some believe that when you eat or drink something sweet before a meal, it would tend to diminish your appetite and lessen the chances of you overeating.  A cup of hot chocolate or a piece of chocolate cake before your meal would help you in that area.  That’s why your mother used to say, “Don’t spoil your meal!  Stop eating those cookies!” 

If you’re a man and you have a sweet tooth and loves chocolates, study shows that you’d live a little longer than men who don’t. 

If you’re in Mexico and you have a bad case of insect bites or you have an attack of bronchitis, you should expect a Mexican healer to use chocolates to cure you.