Organic Foods

The Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic FoodsThe Benefits of Organic Foods 

People have grown more conscious of the food they eat and ultimately how these foods affect their health.  These days, you would hear of various dietary options.  You’d go to the market and it has become a habit to check the ingredients of foods and the contents before you buy them.  People have become more conscious of the words “organic food.” 

What are Organic Foods? 

Not all foods are organic foods.  Even health foods cannot be automatically called organic foods.  Foods must first meet specific criteria and standards to qualify as organic.  In the United States, the Department of Agriculture places the USDA Organic seal on certain foods that qualify as such. Basically, organic fruits and vegetables are grown without using pesticides, artificial fertilizers, waste or slush, and additives.  Organic animals, on the other hand, are animals grown without antibiotics or steroids. These are foods that are not genetically modified.  In effect, organic foods are more nutritious than majority of the conventional non-organic food products that you’d find in the market today.  They even taste much better. 

Benefits of Organic Foods 

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, there is an increasing demand for organic foods.  This is true despite the cost of organic foods.  But what are the benefits of buying and eating organic foods?

1.         Protect your family’s health.  By buying organic foods, you would avoid ingesting harmful chemicals which, in the long run, cause life-threatening diseases.  Non-organic foods are grown using pesticides and fertilizers which are scientifically proven as extremely hazardous to your health.

2.         Reduce your body’s toxins.  By eating healthy, rich-in-fiber foods, you would free your body from toxins that cause diseases like diabetes and hypertension.  You will avoid ingesting a lot of toxins into your body.

3.         Protect the ecosystem.  By opting to buy and eat organic foods, you would also greatly help nature’s ecosystem.  Soil erosions would be greatly avoided, and nature’s balance will be preserved.  Also, if the continuous use of fertilizers is discouraged, the country will save a lot of energy from the desistance of fertilizer production.

4.         Help the economy and small-business growth.  When you buy organic food, you are able to help small farmers who rely on their own natural abilities to grow crops as they cannot afford the cost of fertilizers and pesticides which large-scale farms use.  Organic agriculture will be a great farming alternative to small farmers.