Stewed Artichokes

Stewed Artichokes

Stewed Artichokes4 small globe artichokes

4 garlic cloves, peeled

2 bay leaves

Finely grated peel and juice of 1 lemon

Olive oil

2 tbsp fresh marjoram

Lemon wedges, to serve



Using a sharp knife, carefully peel away the tough outer leaves surrounding the artichokes.  Trim the stems to about 1 inch.  Using a knife, cut each artichoke in half and scoop out the heart. 



Place the artichokes, in a large heavy-bottomed pan.  Pour over enough olive oil to half cover the artichokes in the pan. 



Add the garlic cloves, bay leaves, and half of the grated lemon peel.  Start to heat the artichokes gently, cover the pan, and continue to cook over a low heat for aobut 40 minutes.  The artichokes should be stewed in the oil, not fried.



Once the artichokes are tender, remove them with a draining spoon and drain thoroughly.  Remove the bay leaves.  Transfer the artichokes to warm serving plates.  Serve the artichokes sprinkled with the remaining grated lemon peel, fresh marjoram, and a little lemon juice.