Spinach Leaf Chaat

How To Make Spinach Leaf Chaat

½    Chickpea flour

1      Tsp cayenne pepper

20    Spinach leaf

¼    Minced onion

¼    Minced tomato

¼    Diced potato(cooked)

¼    Cilantro chopped

1     Tbsp chaat masala

4     Tbsp tamarind chutney

½    Cup fine sev

       Cooking oil to fry

       Salt to taste


1      In a deep  bowl whisk together chickpea flour ½ tsp cayenne pepper ,salt  water about 120 ml water

       and then   whisk to make batter .set a side for 20 minutes


2      In a deep fry pan heat oil  


3      Stir batter well and immerse 2 spinach leaves together in batter with tongs and put in to oils and

        make sure  l eaves  don’t curl.deep fry for a minutes or more then turn  to other side for 30 second

        and remove with tons  let drain on the paper towels


4      Repeat with remaining leaves two together or 3 together and when cool put in airtight container


5      In another bowl mix onion ,tomato,potato ,cilantro,chaat masala and remaining cayenne


6      Drizzle with tamarind chutney top with sev and serve immediately