Diabetes with the Right Foods

Prevent Diabetes with the Right Foods and Diet

Diabetes with the Right Foods Prevent Diabetes with the Right Foods and Diet 

Everyday, the number of individuals suffering from diabetes is increasing that it has become quite alarming.  However, this is expected, considering how people have resorted to junk food and food items from fast-food chains as their staple diet. 

Diabetes – Its types 

There are actually two types of diabetes: 

1.         Diabetes insipidus.  This is actually an uncommon type of diabetes.  This disease is characterized by the high excretion of diluted urine.  Basically, the kidney’s ability to dilute the urine is impaired.

2.         Diabetes mellitus.  This is a chronic disorder.  The body has developed an abnormal insulin resistance and secretion.  This is the common type of diabetes.  People with diabetes mellitus exhibits the following symptoms – excessive thirst, excessive urination, rapid and unexplained weight loss, and abnormally high glucose level in the blood and urine. 

When you talk of diabetes, the word “insulin” would crop up every now and then.  Insulin is actually a hormone which is produced by the pancreas.  The primary function of this hormone is to lower or reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood.  It converts the sugar into glycogen which is then ultimately stored by the body in the muscles and the liver.  Diabetes occurs when the process of conversion is impaired, and the body has high content of glucose.  The abnormality in the amount of glucose results to various ailments and generally weakens the body. 

Causes of Diabetes 

Eating too much food high in sugar, like ice-cream, cookies, cakes, and excessive drinking of alcohol and sodas result to abnormality of the pancreatic functions.  There is insufficient secretion of insulin and glucagons which results to diseases like diabetes, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.  Also, eating too much food high in protein and fat — like meat, eggs, cheese, and fried chicken – also results to pancreatic function abnormality.  This leads to diseases like tumors and cancers. 

Proper Anti-Diabetes Diet 

If you are diabetic, it should be ideal if you change your diet.  If you’re illness resulted from eating too much, you should think about reducing your food intake.  Otherwise, increase your food intake if you were eating less.  However, eat only the amount that your body needs.  Get at least two or three basic meals a day.  It should consist of a food rich in protein, grain, vegetables, and a fruit or, if not, tea. 

Improper diet may have caused diabetes, but a proper diet may cure or prevent the symptoms.