Pork vindaloo

Pork vindaloo

Pork vindalooPork vindaloo

1    lb boneless pork

5     dried red chilli

6     black   pepper

1     stick  cinnamon (about 1 inch)

5     whole cloves

½    tsp cumin seeds

¼    tsp mustard seeds

½    tsp granulated sugar

6     cloves garlic

1     ginger root (1 inch)

¼    cup cider vinegar

1     tbsp coconut oil or vegetable oil

2     cups chopped onions

½    cup grated potato

1     tbsp  red wine(optional)

1     cup water


1.      Cut and wash well pork and put salt in to pork  then set a side

2.      Grind  in the blender chile,black pepper,cloves cinnamon,cumins,mustard and sugar till fine

powder .add garlic ginger  and vinegar (from the vinegar use  around  2 tbsp and save the

rest and blend to smooth paste.

3.      Put in the pork and mix well. cover  and keep in refrigerator for 1 ½  hours

4.      Heat oil in a sauce pan  ,fry onion till brown coloure 7-8 minutes.Add pork and fry   5- 6 minutes

5.      Add  ¼ vinegar ,potato red wine ,1 cup water .mix well and cook until pork is tender

about 25 minutes