Orange Saffron Pudding

Orange Saffron Pudding

Orange Saffron PuddingOrange Saffron Pudding

2 cups milk, divided

½ tsp saffron threads

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp slivered almonds

1 tbsp raisins

1/3 cup cream of wheat cereal

¼ tsp crushed cardamom seeds

1 tsp grated orange rind

¾ grated orange rind

¾ cup granulated sugar

½ cup freshly squeezed orange juice

1 can (10 oz/284 mL) mandarin orange slices, drained

In a microwave-safe bowl, microwave ¼ cup (50 mL) of the milk on High until very hot.  Add saffron.  Set aside for 15 minutes.

Melt butter in a large wok or non-stick saucepan over medium heat.  Stir-fry almonds and raisins for 1 minute.  Add cream of wheat.  Stir-fry until golden, about 2 minutes. 

Remove from heat.  Add remaining milk, saffron milk, saffron milk, cardamom and orange rind, whisking well to make sure there are no lumps.  Return to medium heat.  Cook, stirring continuously, until thickened like pancake batter, 6 to 8 minutes. 

Add sugar and orange juice.  Mixture will loosen and curdle slightly but will become smooth again as it cooks.  Continue to stir and simmer until mixture thickens again, 6 to 8 minutes.  Pour into a heatproof serving dish and let set as it cools. 

Chill well, about 30 minutes.  Decorate with mandarin slices.