Mussels With Cilantro

Mussels With Cilantro Broth

Mussels With Cilantro How to Make Mussels In Cilantro Broth

1 ½                      Tbsp. mussels scrubbed

3 ½                      Cup cilantro with  stems

25                        Garlic cloves

7                          Green chilli

2                          Tbsp olive oil

½                         Tsp cumin seeds

3 ½                      Finely chopped onions

5                          Cups grated coconut

5                         Tbsp water

7                         Cups water

3 ½                     Water

Salt to taste



1 . In a large saucepan  combine water and mussels  and boil.reduce heat and simmer for

minutes till mussel are open,


2.  Drain and reserving liquid and strain liquid  and set a side


3. Combine cilantro ,garlic,chilli,coconut, and 5 tbsp water  blend those till fine paste .keep aside


4.  Heat oil in a large saucepan add cumin seeds fry one minute.add onions and fry till brown color

about 8 minutes


5. Add reserve liquid then add water  3 ½ cup.add salt and stir.cook on high heat and bring to boil


6.  Add mussels and bring to low heat  uncovered for 5 minutes.


7. Stir in cilantro paste  when it hot and serve