Moongh Dhal Rice

Moongh Dhal Rice

Moongh Dhal RiceMoongh Dhal Rice 

1½ cups rice

1½ cups moong dhal (Split moong)

750g leg mutton

2 green chillies

¼ tsp pepper

 ¾ tsp ginger/garlic

1 tsp green pounded chilli

2 tblsp oil

2 tblsp ghee

1 medium onion (sliced)

1 piece cinnamon

Few Cardamoms and cloves

½ tsp jeero seeds (cummin)


Soak moong in cold water for a few hours.  Do not wash off green skinscompletely for they add both to flavour and attractiveness.  Wash rice.  Cook rice and moong dhalin salted water to which has been added tuj etc., till nearly done.  Drain off in colander.


Cut mutton in 4 cm pieces and wash.   Marinate in ginger/- garlic, salt, pepper, green pounded chilli and jeero seeds for an hour.  Braise in oil over slow heat till the meat is dry.  Add as much water as is needed to cook meat tender and when meat is nearly done and there is still a little moisture left, add the rice/dhal and cook all  together till done.  Fry onion and green chilli in ghee till onion is a gold colour.  Pour over rice and serve with papads kachoomer and hot khuri.