Moghalai Biryani – By Uma

Moghalai Biryani


½ cup ghee

2 cup rice

1 Kg mutton (small chops or leg mutton cut in chop size pieces)

1 ½ tsp salt

1 onion sliced

1 onion grated

1 1/2 tsp inger/garlic

1 ½ tsp red pounded chilli

3 tbsp freshly gound almonds

2 tsp poppy seeds

1 tsp jeera seeds (Cummin)

1 tsp crushed jeera

1/2 tsp elachi powder

1/3 tsp white crushed pepper

½ cup yoghurt

1 tbls lemon juice

½ cup oil

1 tsp rose essence

1/3 tsp powdered saffron

125 ml cream

½ cup mixed nuts (charoli, quartered pista and almonds or cashews)

1/3 cup sultanas

 Dried rose petals for decoration Soak rice in cold water for 30 minutes then drain dry.  Wash the meat and put it in a mixing bowl.  Blend fine half of onion, lemon, poppy seeds and other ingredients marked with * and marinate meat in it.  Fry the remaining sliced onion in hot oil and remove when gold in colour.  

In same oil fry the grated onion and as soon as they begin to turn gold in colour add to the marination meat and marinade.   Over low heat stir and cook until meat begins to darken in colour.  Beat yoghurt in a half a cup of water and pour it into a pot.  Cover a lid and simmer gently until the meat is nearly done.  In separate pot put half of ghee and fry two cinnamon sticks, some brushed elachi pods, a few cloves and peppercorns.  Then add rich and fry a minute longer.  Add water and salt and bring to boil.   

Close lid tightly and simmer gently for about 20 minutes.  Dissolve the saffron in 2 tablespoons of boiling milk and add this to the cream.  Roast the whole jeera on a tava until mearly black and add to cream. Grease a large corning ware type of oven casserole with half of the remaining ghee, and spread half of the rice over it.  Over this spread half of the cream marinades.  Then spread the mutton over the marinade.  Spread remaining rice over mutton and finally spread all of left over marinade over the last layer of rice.  Close lid of casserole.   Cover entire casserole with a thick layer of foil and bake in a moderate over for 40 to 50 minutes.   

            Just before serving fry the nuts and sultanas in remaining ghee and garnish Biryai  with this and the sliced fried onion.  For a really exotic touch sprinkle some rose petals over the dish.