Kashmir Dum Aloo

How To Make Kashmir Dum  Aloo


Baby potato                                                                1kg

Vegetable oil

Medium fine roasted fennel powder                               1½ tbsp.

Caraway seeds /  shahjeera                                          ½ tbsp.

Red chilli powder                                                          2 tsp

Plain yoghurt                                                               1 cup  

Ginger powder                                                             1 tsp

Whole spices                                                                1 ½ tsp

Hing   / asafoetida                                                         ½tsp  


Salt to taste


                1 .   Wash potatoes well and    parboil and prick them by fork  .as they are baby potato better

                       to cook with skin.       

               2.     In a pan put some oil for deep frying the potatoes. fry the potatoes till they are done 

                       golden browned.  drain on paper towel and keep aside. 

                3.    In another pan, heat oil again. add caraway seeds and let them sizzle.  close the

                       gas or lower the flame and add asafoetida and chili powder and mix them well.     add

                       4 tbsp   water, cook for a minute .

               4.     Add yoghurt and stir.    add the whole spices, ginger powder, fennel powder and the frie

                       baby   potatoes.  Put water and salt .mix well      cover the pan tightly. the potato gravy

                       needs to    be dum cooked for 10-15 minutes till them  get a thick gravy.