Indian Style – Rolls with Buttermilk

This recipe does not require double rising, so for quick rolls try them.


1 cup buttermilk (or half milk and half yoghurt)

1/3 tsp bicarb

3 tblsp butter (soft)

1 tsp salt

10 g yeast

21/2 cups flour


Mix buttermilk, bicarb, sugar and salt together. 

Add crumbled yeast and dissolve into above.  Now add soft butter.  Sift flour into liquids and form into dough.  This dough is very soft and is slightly difficult to handle.  If dough is too soft and difficult to handle, a little extra flour may be added.  Knead well and mould into desired shapes.  When rolls are double in size bake in a 400 oF (200 oC) over for 15 to 20 minutes.