Gujarath Spongy lentil cake

Gujarathi Spong Lenthil Cake

Gujarath  Spongy lentil  cakeGujarath  Spongy lentil  cake


1                 cup plain yoghurt
1 ½             cup gram flour
2                 green chiles
½                inch fresh ginger
2                 tbsp vegetable oil
3                 tbsp lemon juice
½                tsp turmeric powder
4                 tsp sugar
2                 tsp tamarind paste
2                 tbsp vegetable oil
1                 tsp mustard seeds
2                 tsp sesame seeds
10               fresh curry leaves
3                 tbsp  grated coconut
2                 tbsp cilantro
1                 tsp fruit salt
Salt to taste



1 .  In a deep bowl whisk yoghurt and flour till get smooth batter


2  . Grease a deep cake pan with vegetable oil.


3 . In the blender grind and make the paste with all ingredients chilli ,ginger,oil,lemon juice, 1 ½ tbsp.

water , turmeric ,salt and 2 tbsp  sugar.fruit salt till well combine. then pour to the batter  and

leave for  5-7  minutes


4 . In the steamer saucepan fill the water anb bring to boil.if possible place a same size  heatproof bow

l or cookie cutter. To keep the plate  above the a large deep saucepan  fill up  water enough

to come half way up the  side of bowl. And bring to the boil


5.  The battar add in to the greased cake it in the steamer.cover with the lid and steam

over medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes.


6.  In a small pan add the mustard seeds  to pop.then add curry leaves and sesame seeds.add ¼ cup

of water and rest of sugar and boil 3 minutes.Pour evenly over the cake.cut any shape as your wishes

then garnish with the fresh cilantro and the coconut