Get as Much Calcium from Your Food and Save Your Bones

Get as Much Calcium from Your Food and Save Your Bones

Get as Much Calcium from Your Food and Save Your BonesGet as Much Calcium from Your Food and Save Your Bones 

The surefire way to keep your bones healthy and to prevent diseases like osteoporosis is to get as much calcium as you can from your food.  You’d feel like you’re 20 despite your age of – oh yes, 50 or so. And if you keep up the diet rich in calcium, you would feel as good as you were in your 20s when you’re in your 60s or 70s. 

However, it is important that you take measures to ensure that you maintain the good health of your bones by eating the right foods. 

The Golden Years 

It is very important for women to get as much calcium as they can especially when they’re in their 50s in order to ensure that they would keep their bones strong and healthy for another couple of decades. 

You probably have seen advertisements and read books that encourage women to take as much calcium, vitamin D and supplements in order to avoid developing bone diseases, an example of which is osteoporosis – a disease pretty common in women. 

Women are encouraged to develop a calcium-intake habit at their 30s. But you say, “I have a pretty good balanced diet.”  Unfortunately, a good diet does not ensure that you are getting the right amount of calcium that you really need.  You are still likely to develop osteoporosis. 

The Feared Osteoporosis 

What is osteoporosis? 

Osteoporosis is actually a bone disease which occurs when the bone losses its density and starts to break down.  When you have osteoporosis, your bones become weak and thin, and they would tend to break down easily. Unfortunately, osteoporosis is more common to women than men.  More than majority of people who suffer from osteoporosis are women. 

It is very important then that you do not have just a balanced diet, but you also check that your intake of calcium and vitamin D is correct. Women who are in their 30s need about 1000 mg of calcium daily, and women who are in their 50s need about 1200 mg to 1500 mg of calcium daily. 

Sources of Calcium 

Foods rich in calcium are cheese, milk, yoghurt, and milk products like ice cream, custard cakes and others; while foods rich in vitamin D are fishes, shrimps, eggs, liver oil, et cetera. 

Keeping your bones healthy is vital to good health.  Although, there is an emphasis on women and osteoporosis, the fact still remains that everyone should make sure that their bones are strong and healthy.  Good calcium and vitamin D intake ensures that.