Curry Leavs Chutney WIth Coconut


Curry Leaves Chutney In Coconut


¼           Cup Coconut Scrapped

1             Tbsp Urad dal

4             Sprigs Curry leaves

5             Green chilies

½           Tsp tamarind

½           Tturmeric powder (optional)

2            Tsp oil

½           Tsp mustard seeds

              Salt to taste

              Water as require



 1  .Roast urad dal until  come to golden brown.


2  . In a blender  Grind urad dal, turmeric, curry leaves,green chilli ,coconut, tamarind  along with salt and       water till smooth


 3  . In a fry pan heat oil and fry mustard seeds till jump and pop.


4  .Transfer paste from the blender and fry for 30 second.


      (without frying also still very taste full  chutney