Chicken Khuri

Chicken Khuri

Chicken Khuri

((sour milk gravy with chicken)


¼ chicken (cut in small pieces)

3 cups dahi (yoghurt)

2 tsp khus-khus (poppy seeds)

Good pinch turmeric

1 onion (medium)

1 tblsp fresh coconut

2 tblsp oil

4 whole almonds (optional)

6 pistachios (optional)

1 tsp dhunia jeero

Salt to taste

1 tblsp ghee

½ tsp ginger/garlic

1 tblsp khuri masala


Slice onion fine.  Keep aside a few onion slices,  and braise the remainder in the oil.  Just as onions begin to change colour, add the meat, ginger/garlic, turmeric, and dhunia/jeero.  Braise slowly till spices are blended and chicken nicely browned. 


Pound the almonds, fresh coconut, khus-khus, and khuri masalas together till fine.  Add the pounded ingredients to the sour milk and beat well with beater.  Add to the braised chicken and bring to bil.  Stir continuously to prevent yoghurt curdling.  Simmer slowly and just before serving make a fresh vagaar as follows:


In the ghee braise the onions and a ¼ teaspoon each of methi seeds and whole jeero and when these are nearly black in colour, add to pot of khuri.  Garnish with sprigs of gresh mint. 


This khuri should be served with rotlas but may be served with moong dhal khitchri.