Chicken With Cashew Safforn Gravy

Chicken With Cashew Safforn Gravy

Chicken With Cashew Safforn GravyChicken With Cashew Safforn Gravy

fried onions                              2 cups

Green chilli                                2 or 3

Chopped tomatoes                    3 ½  cups

Raw cashews                           ½  cup

Peeled ginger root                     2 inch

Cilantro chopped                      ½  cup

Cardamom                                4 piece

Cloves garlic                              5 piece

Coconut oil                               4 tbsp

Cayenne  pepper                      1 ½   tbsp.

Safforn                                    1 tbsp Chicken thighs or drumsticks  12

Garam masala                            1tbsp

Chopped cilantro                       1 cup

Chopped cardamom                   1tsp


1 . Soak saffron in  ½  cup hot water and set a side


2.  Combine tomatoes fried onions, cashews ,chilli, garlic  ½  cup cilantro, ginger and cayenne all

together blend ascreamy.use water as needed.( ½  cup)


3.  Take a large saucepan and heat coconut oil over medium heat.  pour  in masala paste. Stir-  fry til

masala get  well  brown and aromatic around 5 minutes. wash chicken well and dry. put in the

saucepan. add salt   and spoon    of masala top on chickens .mix well and cook 15 minutes.


4.  Add reserved  saffron water ,cardamom powder and garam  masala , cover the pot and cook 20

minutes more till chicken is tender .Occasionally stir and add some water if you need so.


5.   Remove from the heat ,stir in 1 cup of cilantro. serve when it is hot