Carrot And Sweet Potato soup

how to make Carrot And Sweet Potato Soup

2      medium carrot

2      medium sweet potato

10    cloves of garlic

1      inch ginger root

1      medium red onion

1      green chilli

1/2   tsp turmeric powder

1/2   tsp black pepper

1      tbsp cilantro chopped

        salt to taste



1   Wash vegetable and cut them to small piece with onion

2   In deep bowl put water and add all the above ingredients bring to boil (except cilantro)

3   When vegetables are boil and tender, add cilantro and off the heat and keep for cool about 20 minutes.

4   Blend everything in the blender till they are creamy and smooth.

     (If you wish to have more spice you can add more red chilli or black pepper)