Bhoonji Khitchri

Bhoonji Khitchri

Bhoonji Khitchri




2 cups rice

250 g raw mince

3 potatoes (halved /fried)

1 tomato

2 elachi (cardamom)

½ tsp jeero (cumin)

1 ½ cups toovar dhal (oil dhal)

3 hard-boiled eggs

1 onion

1 stick cinnamon

3 tblsp ghee

A few cloves and peppers


Ingredients For Mince


1 tsp ginger/garlic

3 whole green chillies

¼ tsp saffron (optional)

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp chilli powder


Braise mince in spices.  When done add saffron or turmeric and mix well. 


Boil rice in salted water and drain.  Boil dhal in salted water and drain when only half done.  Fry onions an jeero in ghee till golden brown.  Leave half of the onion in pot and remove the rest of the onions and set aside. 


Spread dhal over onion and ghee, then put the vraised mince over the dhal.  Slice tomato in thick slices and set over mince.  Arrange eggs and potatoes and, lastly, spread rice over all.  Garnish with the remaining fried onion and sprinkle a tblsp of ghee.


Now sprinkle half a coup of cold water and bring to steam slowly over low heat for 20 minutes.  Serve with khatoo.