Asoka Halwa

Asoka Halwa Recipe

Asoka Halwa Recipe



1cup Green gram dalAsoka Halwa

2 cups Ghee

1cup Wheat flour

2 cups Sugar

Almond, cashew, pistachio for decoration

1 spoon Cardamom powder

           Wash the dhal and cook it with sufficient water till gentle and mash it. In a thick bottom pan add 2 tbs ghee and when it is warm add the wheat flour and roast till nice aroma comes.

Add the mashed dhal, and mix nicely. Let it cook in a moderate flame. Add sugar and stir well. Add the remaining ghee slowly and gradually and stirring. It should leave the sides of the pan; add cardamom powder, fried cashew and all the nuts mix well. Remove from stove. Transfer to greased bowl.

Serve hot.    — Recipe by V. Ranjana Krishnan