Anglo_Indian Tomato Soup

Anglo_Indian Tomato Soup

Anglo_Indian Tomato SoupHow To Make Anglo Indian Tomato Soup

1 ½   Tbsp Butter

1 ½   Ttbsp Coconut oil

2       Bay Leaf

1       Medium chopped onion

2       Medium Carrot cut in to small piece

½      Inch chopped fresh ginger

1 ½   Tbsp. Corn starch

2       Ripe chopped tomatoes

½      Tsp sugar

½      Tsp blaco pepper powder

½     Cup milk

1      Celery stalk cut to piece


1.  In a large saucepan heat the butter and oil


2.  Add bay leaf and cook 30 seconds.


3.  Add onion,carrot, celery ,garlic and ginger.cover and cook 15 minutes.


4. Add cornstarch and sitr about 2 minutes,add tomatoes ,sugar ,salt and black pepper and

cook  25 to 30minutes.


5. Now take off bay leaf and  mash the tomatoes to become creamy  or smooth soup.add

enough milk and bit water and bring to the boil (you can also blend this ingredients if you want so)