Raw Food Diet

An Introduction to Raw Food Diet

Raw Food DietAn Introduction to Raw Food Diet 

You’ve probably heard of raw food diet.  You’ve heard people gushing about how good this kind of diet has been to their health.  Hearing all this, you might have wondered for a minute what they are talking about.  You probably have shuddered distastefully at the thought of eating raw food and shrugged off the raw diet idea as quickly as it came.  Well, who would want to eat anything raw, right?  That’s positively barbaric. But is that what raw food diet really is? 

What is a Raw Food Diet? 

Raw food diet is nothing as disgusting as what you might have thought.  It just simply means that the food is unprocessed, and it’s all natural.  Well, you’ve probably had fresh salad for dinner where you didn’t cook the fruits and vegetables before eating them.  That is basically the idea of a raw food diet – eating it all natural. 

Benefits of Raw Food Diet 

You would derive a lot of benefits with raw food diet.  Here is a list of these benefits: 

1.         Vitamins and minerals.  One drawback to cooking is that you lose a lot of the vitamins and minerals in the food.  You also lose a lot of enzymes.  When you opt for raw diet, you get more nutrients.

2.         Body absorbs these nutrients more.  When you eat raw food, the body seems to absorb the nutrients more.  This is probably because the body is more genetically conditioned to accept and absorb natural foods than packaged or processed ones.

3.         Enzymes.  Raw food is packed with a lot of enzymes.  Enzymes break down food for easy digestion.  This allows your body to create more energy.  When you cook your food, your food loses more enzymes.  This is the exact opposite of ingesting your food raw. 

What does Raw Food Diet Includes? 

When people talk about adopting a raw food diet, this generally means that most of the food in their diet consists of raw food.  This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and every kind of food which can be eaten in its natural form. You can get raw foods either by juicing or using food dehydrator.  Juicing consists of extracting fruits and vegetable juices. 

On the other hand, when you use food dehydrator, you basically extract out all of the fruits’ and vegetables’ moisture; the purpose of which is to avoid food spoilage when you store the foods for long periods of time.