Afriki Yakhni Pilaau

Afriki Yakhni Pilaau

Afriki Yakhni PilaauAfriki Yakhni Pilaau


500 g small chops or neatly cubed mutton ( chicken may be used)

1 ¼ cups mixed vegetables (peas, toovar, sliced carrot, chana dhal)

1 medium onion

1/2 tsp ground chillies

¼ tsp ground pepper

¼ tsp turmeric (and good pinch saffron if possible )

2 cups rice

2 green chillies

½ cup dahi (yoghurt)

1tsp jeero (cummin)

1 elachi (cardamom)

1 tsp ginger/garlic

A few cloves and whole peppers

¼ cup tomato

3 tblsp ghee/oil


The attractiveness lies in combination of colours, eg. Carrot and peas.   For really exotic flavour, and pinch of saffron.


Fry onion, jeero and green chillies in ghee/oil, in pot. Add meat with spices, tomato and dahi, and let simmer slowly (adding water if necessary) till meat is nearly done. 


Add carrots, peas, etc.  Mix it well in pot with meat, let simmer for 5 minutes, then add the 2 of uncooked rice.


Add 2 cup of boiling water and simmer very slowly, tossing and stirring gently a few time so that rice is evenly distributed and mixed with other ingredients.  Some types of rice take longer to cook so more water should be added.


When done, fry a little onion in 2 tablespoons of ghee and sprinkle over.  Leaving for10 more minutes in the oven.  Serve with spiceddahi, kachoomer and papad.